There are many obstacles to a romantic relationship being a success.  There can be differences in personality, religion, attitude towards family, work ethic, etc.  Any of these can cause a couple to split up.  Yet there is one obstacle that can break up even the most loving of couples.  Yes, I’m talking about liking different types of movies.

I remember once bringing a date to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” on DVD.  She had never seen the movie, which seemed unbelievable to me!  I couldn’t believe my luck.  Not only would I introduce her to this heart-warming classic, but I would surely get lucky after that!

What happened?  Let’s just say I had as much luck as George Bailey getting out of Bedford Falls.  She hated the movie and called it “corny.”  How could I like such a cold-hearted woman?

I bring this up because yesterday, I discovered YMDB (note 12/06: now defunct).   This isn’t, the best movie resource around.  This is “Your Movie Database.”  Basically, you create a list of your favorite twenty movies and then can see links to other users whose movie lists are statistically similar to yours.  You can even find others who picked the same #1 favorite movie as you.

I do not know anything else about you, Dinah, but you and I are the only ones to pick this somewhat obscure French film as our favorite movie.  Let’s get married.