I flew back to Los Angeles today (goodbye New York!), and when I arrived at LAX, there was an angry mob greeting me at the gate demanding that I retract my statement from my last post, which insinuated that eating too many “fish tacos” in California makes you stupid.   I’ve already been in enough trouble lately, as I’ve been receiving daily visitors to my site searching for “Kramer’s racist rants,” as if I was lucky enough to be the actor who played the nutty neighbor in “Seinfeld.”   

In a public relations move, I would like to publicly renounce my previous statement about fish tacos.  I actually do enjoy fish tacos, especially at Wahoo’s.  They are tasty, and heart-healthy!  However, if you are a visitor to the Los Angeles area, please avoid the La Salsa chain, as their fish tacos are extremely mediocre and overpriced.  Even their tortilla chips taste old.  And sometimes I don’t even see a “sneeze-guard” at their infamous “salsa bar.”  Just take my advice and avoid the place.  You’ll be happy you did.

I also apologize for using that old cliche that East Coast people are smart and West Coast people are dumb and shallow.   It simply isn’t true.  I’ve lived in California for many years, and I’ve met some of the most intelligent, creative, and innovative individuals I’ve ever met, especially those who work in the entertainment business.

Here is a photo of the talented and beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt, having sex with her Michael’s shopping cart in an Encino parking lot.