(AP Photo/Laurent Rebours)

After the Nigerian scam brouhaha, Sophia decided to relax with some music.   She got into this musician she heard on the radio, only to find out that he was also Nigerian!   His name was Fela Anikulapo Kuti, a talented and charismatic creator of Afrobeat.  Her favorite song was his anti-government song, "Authority Stealing."  I think Sophia just really liked the lyrics, thinking Fela Kuti was singing more about the fake Nigerian "bishop" than the Nigerian government:

You be thief!
I not be thief!
You be rouge!
I not be rouge!
You be stealer!
I not be stealer!
You be a robber!
I not be robber!

download "Authority Stealing"

(from Barclay Records "The King of Afrobeat:  The Anthology")