Concluding a sex-filled posting day with some interesting medical news

A new drug manufactured by Johnson & Johnson designed to help men with treatment for premature ejaculation has passed its first test.  The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that a major study presented during the American Urological Association annual meeting in San Antonio suggested the drug dapoxetine could help men suffering from premature ejaculation by delaying orgasm.

The drug supposedly helped men to increase their ejaculation time significantly — from less than one minute to more than three minutes!  Can there be nothing that medical science cannot solve with a pill?  Couples everywhere can now live it up for another two minutes.

Writing in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the researchers said they timed ejaculations by giving stopwatches to the sex partners of more than 1,500 men.

Did they ever think that maybe all this premature ejaculation was occurring to these poor men because their partners were in bed holding stopwatches?  You try it.