I was having a nice quiet evening.  No one called all night.  I avoided looking at the computer for the first time all week.  I listened to some music and read a little.  Then, I realized why I wasn’t getting any calls.  I had unhooked the phone to connect the phone cord to the Tivo.  I had left my cell phone in my car. 

When I went down to the car, I saw that I had over twenty messages on my cell phone.  Sophia and my mother were about to call the police, thinking I might have been kidnapped or killed.  They had sent numerous emails, even postings on my blog.  When I called each of them up, they yelled at me, calling me irresponsible for not having my phone on and with me.   When I laughed about the whole situation, Sophia hung up on me. 

Remember the old days, before cell phones, when no one went crazy if they couldn’t reach you?

It was a quiet night quiet evening.   Apologies to anyone who tried to call.