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The 2018 NYC Photo Calendar

Enjoy the excitement of New York City all year right from a calendar stuck on your refrigerator!  Think of the energy and vibrancy of the metropolis each time you go for a snack at 2AM or make a turkey sandwich for your kid.  It’s the 2018 NYC Photo Calendar!  All photos by Neil Kramer.  

You can order one for yourself or your friends on my Etsy site.  



NYC, The Five Boroughs, the 2017 Calendar


I’m always curious about what the kids want for Christmas and Hanukkah each year, so I’ve been talking to a lot of my friend’s children, asking them, “What gift are you hoping Santa Claus brings you this year?” I was expecting the answer to be some trendy Japanese Pokemon/Furby type toy, so I was shocked when your kids answered in one voice, “This Christmas I want a 2017 Calendar of New York City Photos!”

I many not have kids of my own, but I care a lot about your kids, especially about making them happy. I’m assuming you want the same for your children. They ARE the future. That’s why I’m offering these NYC photos of the five boroughs for only $16.99! Not $17. I’m beginning to understand how business works. Only $16.99!

You can buy this NYC calendar on my ETSY SITE.   Tell me what you think of my oddball choices of  NYC photos, not one skyscraper or famous site in the bunch.


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