In a new feature here on Citizen of the Month, we’d like to showcase the most interesting blogs and bloggers that are writing today.  It’s time to cut through all the PR and learn what makes some of our favorites really RAWK!  No more popularity contests.  No more BS.  On COTM’s “Top Ten Bloggers,” it’s always going to be the men and women who really matter, the ones we love (and hate!) up close and personal –  the Top Ten Bloggers of the week.   Each week, we’ll explore a new theme.  Because of my unique situation as a well-known personal blogger, my contact list runs deep.  You’re going to be surprised who is going to be involved!

Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?!

I’m now taking nominees for this week’s Theme:  Who are the Top Ten Poorest Bloggers?   We’d like to know!  I’m not just talking about some typical money problems — we want to meet those who have been unemployed for years, are in debt, may lose their home, or are just too lazy to make a living.  Are you one of those Top Ten bloggers?   Get on “the list” and let everyone know!

Who will be in this week’s #1 spot?  If you nominate yourself in the comment section, please email bank/IRS account information or a letter from a collection agency as proof of your honor.

Coming soon:  “Top Ten Bloggers” blog badges.  Show off to your friends that you rawk!