I love the holiday season. So much joy and gift-giving. I spent all weekend scouring the internet looking for BlackFriday and CyberMonday deals that I could share with my dear readers.

I love you guys!

I do have something special for you, my valued friends and readers of this blog. This year, why not give the gift that everyone WANTS this Christmas and Hannukah?! Today only, from 9AM to 11PM — run, don’t walk, to the run-down liquor store on any street corner of any high-crime neighborhood to buy this ideal Christmas gift.

A case of Camel cigarettes, in a special Holiday red-and-gold gift box! And remember, just say “Neilochka sent me for the smokes!” for a free Camel keychain!

Plus, as a thank you for participating in the ongoing Great Interview Experiment and the upcoming 4th Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert, I will be giving away one free carton to a very lucky person!

The rules for this giveaway are extremely simple. Just leave a comment telling me your favorite Holiday smoking story, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr, post three photos of your Christmas tree or menorah on your blog, with links back to me, and lastly, email me a ten page essay on “Why Smoking Isn’t As Bad As They Say,” to my email address at neil@smokingisgood-dotcom.

What are the holidays all about? Egg Nog. Christmas Bells. Santa. And a cool-looking Camel cigarette (as seen recently on the sexy hit TV show Mad Men).

Take a break this holiday season, and enjoy. Make it Camel time.

Courtesy of Citizen of the Month.

(This is a sponsored post, but the small payment I received has no bearing on my honest review of this wonderful product. The fact that I don’t smoke has nothing to do with any “alleged” health fears that were created by crackpot “doctors,” and only with my inability to light a match or use a lighter effectively. It sometimes takes me ten minutes just to get a lighter to work. It is my thumb. I just cannot make the flint click. As for regular matches, I am always crushing the match and throwing it out before I get it to light. If I didn’t have these issues with lighters and matches, I would be enjoying a pleasurable Camel cigarette just like you.)

On a serious note, here is a great video of Schmutzie, saying why she quit smoking this year. Keep it up, Schmutzie!