Beautiful people are lucky. I remember seeing a Dateline episode a few months ago where they did an experiment to show how “beauty” enhances a person’s worth. They had two women, one plain and one beautiful, drop a notebook of papers on a city street. People just stepped over the plain woman, while everyone, even the handicapped, rushed over to help the beautiful one.

I try not to get suckered into responding to those who use their beauty and sex appeal to draw me into their blog. Have you ever seen 25 Peeps, where bloggers try to get more traffic to their site by showing themselves in their underwear?

I try not to judge any blogger by how they look, only by what they write. But, I am human, and sometimes I am tempted.

Today, my plan was to make Karl my “Blog Crush of the Day.” I read his blog on a daily basis, and he was even nice enough to put my name up for a possible Bloggie Award nomination.

As I was going through my blogroll, I came to EEK’s site. She is an excellent writer, but I don’t read her as consistently as Karl because she doesn’t write as frequently. But today’s post was a collection of photos from her New Year’s Party. It was the first time I had ever seen her photo.

“Jeez, she’s hot!” said a voice from beyond. “You should make her the Blog Crush of the Day!”

And I almost did. I almost compromised everything I believed in… for a pretty face.

But I didn’t. You’ll notice that I kept true to Karl, the Karl who would look awful wearing the same dress as EEK.

So, why am I telling you this inconsequential story? Because soon, it will be YOUR turn to do the right thing.

Serena (notMiranda of No Sex and the City) bamboozled me into volunteering for a online bachelor charity auction. I know… I know… I’m married, but this is Hollywood where we don’t worry about little details like that. The event will be happening in the middle of January. That means that bloggers will actually bid to go on a date with ME! Can you believe that? Of course, women who don’t know me very well will be judging me solely on my photo. Ugh. I’ve heard how tough everyone is on those Match.com sites.

What do you think — is it a bad photo? Notice how I kept my mouth closed so I didn’t have to whiten my teeth with Photoshop. I also need to come up with a blurb to win the women over… like “I enjoy long walks, but never at the beach.” Has anyone been successful in writing online dating blurbs? (NOTE: If you only get crazy, drooling, people answering your personal ads, please do not offer me any of your loser advice — no offense of course).

But look at that face? Can that mug really compete with the other men, most who will be gorgeous male model types with strong chest muscles and biceps? Brooke, will you bid on me?

When the auction begins, I want you to remember how I chose Karl over EEK, the regular guy over the beauty queen.
Will YOU do the right thing when you are given the choice of bidding on– ?

1) A dorky, separated, poor blogger.


2) A handsome single attorney with six-pack abs.

And if you do win me as a date, I promise you that I will give you the best night out that any two-for-one coupon can buy!

Update:  Thanks for the honest comments telling me that my photo is bad… and giving me photographic tricks to look glamorous.  Do you really spend so much time on YOUR PHOTOS before you put them online?  And what happens once the person actually meets you and you look different?!