Did you notice during the Oscars, that the Academy seemed a bit desperate to tell us over and over again that a movie theater was "the only place to watch a movie?"   As the BBC noted:

Just to make sure no-one missed the message, the stage was even set up like the entrance to a movie theatre, complete with ticket office. Clearly, Hollywood was taking the chance of grabbing its worldwide TV audience to preach its anti-piracy message to as many people as possible.

Of course, most of the Academy get to see the nominated movies on DVDs sent to their homes.   And most of them watched it in their private movie theaters.  Or at special invitation-only showings at the studios.  


Hell, even Sophia got DVDs mailed to her for the SAG awards.

I’ve been to hundreds of movies in Los Angeles, and not once have I ever bumped into Steven Spielberg or Nicole Kidman on line for popcorn at my local multiplex. 


Perhaps, as a show of solidarity with moviegoers everywhere, the Academy should encourage all members to stop watching movies at home and…

LOUD MUSIC starts to play, as Bill Conti and his ORCHESTRA drown out the rest of my blog post —