jeff.jpg is doing a special 10th Anniversary Promotion.  Instead of the boring old UPS guys delivering your packages, some lucky customers will get major celebrities coming to their doors with the Amazon products they ordered.  For instance, Jason Alexander might show up with the new Seinfeld DVD.  Or Harrison Ford will be at the door with the new edition of Indiana Jones.

Recently, I ordered a new tennis racket from Amazon.   

This morning, there was a knock at my door.  It was my new tennis racket from — delivered by Anna Kournikova!


Here is our conversation, word for word:

Anna Kournikova:  Delivery for Neil Kramer.

Me:  That’s me.

Anna Kournikova:  Sign here.

Me:  OK.  Thanks.

She handed me the package.

Anna Kournikova:  Take care.

She left.  I closed the door behind me.

Happy Birthday, Amazon.  Next time, just send me everything on my Wishlist.

UPDATE 6PM:  My apologies to  Anna Kournikova did not really come to my door this morning.  Rather than this being a dumb promotion that was worthy of mocking, these celebrity visits were filled with fun and excitement for Amazon’s customers. 

(Robin Weiner/U.S. Newswire)

As an example, here is the real picture of Kournikova making a surprise personal delivery (with UPS driver Hugo R. Leal)  to Los Angeles doctor Andrea Feinberg.   In the box was a pair of Adidas sneakers and a gym bag.  Kournikova smiled and laughed with the UPS driver as the photographer took photos.  After the photo session,  Kournikova quickly got the hell out of there and into her awaiting limousine.

UPDATE July 20:

Actual celebrity deliveries in Los Angeles.