This morning, I wrote a post badmouthing Babble, the popular parenting site, saying that their controversial Babble Lists, which rank parent bloggers, was bad for the blogosphere.

This afternoon, Babble was bought by the Disney Corporation for 40 million dollars.  This Disney site is now poised to be an important and powerful site.

This brings up the essential issue in this discussion — my bad timing.

Did I had make a tactical error by posting this ranting blog post at the worst possible moment, on the morning before Babble’s greatest achievement in the afternoon, alienating my friends who work for Babble, and forever ruining my chances of ever selling a script to Disney?

Of course not.

My readers know who I am.   A little criticism never comes between friends.

And besides, my readers know that my timing is usually right on the money.   Go into my archive and see how many of my posts are published at the exact moment they should have been, before the pundits climbed aboard the bandwagon.    Today was just a fluke —

March 7, 2007 — “Why “Muslim” Obama is Going to Lose.”

August 3, 2008 — “I’m Investing with Bernie Madoff. You Should Too.”

December 22, 2008 — “Who the F**k is Going to Watch a Stupid Movie About a Teenage Vampire?”

April 1, 2010 — “The Year the Mets Will Take the Pennant”

October 4, 2011 — “Penn State Football: A Class Act”

Congrats to everyone involved at Babble.   Now you can stop with the lists.