In the Japan Today forum, we hear from a Japanese male who moved to Los Angeles

I dislike that city…and from my experience and visiting other cities in the US…is the worst!

Orange County and places like Glendale, Pasadena, and Burbank are okay.  I can associate with those kind of people.

But other than that, LA people are crooked scums. They give you the run-arounds and are back-stabbers.

He thinks that romance is particularly tough in the big city.

LA is plain hell on earth. If you’re an Asian girl (the sellout type) …then you can find a nice lovely blondie to marry. But if you’re an Asian guy…hardly any AF or girls will even stare at you.

Hey, sure it’s tough for Asian males.   But to make you feel better, this morning in Starbucks, I couldn’t get that Korean-American girl in that UCLA t-shirt to smile back at me either! 

Here are some other websites definitely not associated with the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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Also, does anyone know what an AF is?  Asian Female?