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Offline – February 15 – February 22


As a Valentine’s Day gift to myself, I am going to show some self-love and challenge myself (thank you, Karen Rivers for the idea) for a full week offline from blogging and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc.)  Zero Facebook.  Zilch Instagram.  Instead of update or scrolling through your nonsense, I will read a book, write some personal stuff, socialize with friends, and focus on my own sense of solitude.

This is going to be a grueling test of my fortitude.   I know most of my friends are laughing, expecting failure, but like the Olympians in Sochi, I will not stop until I am on the podium with my gold medal.   I will be checking my email, so if you need me, you can reach me from Saturday, February 15 to Saturday, February 22 at neilochka at yahoo dot com, or you can find my phone number on Facebook.

Wish me luck.  I will return with a blog post, my addiction to social media forever broken, and my joy of writing and blogging renewed.

And Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, especially Juli.   And my sincere apologies to anyone on Facebook who has a birthday next week, because I will miss saying happy birthday to you.  I’ll make up for it on February 23rd.


  1. Marty

    Failure is never something I expect from you.

  2. kenju

    January 23rd???

  3. Sheryl

    Great idea. If you’re having withdrawls you can email me 🙂

  4. Kizz

    Some people start out with taking one day off. You’re going big! Enjoy your time off.

  5. Erykah

    I hope you get a much deserved break. Happy V day Neil!

  6. Marinka

    I’m rooting for you!

  7. Liz

    Enjoy your internet vacation, bring back something non-internety 🙂

  8. Megan

    Good for you. Enjoy your break.

  9. Britt Reints

    No instagram?? Why do the rest of us have to suffer just because you want to love yourself?

  10. GrandeMocha

    Didn’t you try giving up Twitter years ago? And you were afraid we missed you too much?

  11. Juli

    I remember when you quit Twitter. Ugh, am I the only one here who thinks this is adolescent? Like, high school. I mean, announcing to everyone you’re going offline for A WHOLE WEEK. Stop the presses! Will the earth stop spinning?

    This is why I think you should try to find a younger woman who maybe won’t see through your bs.

    • The Animated Woman

      It’s been 4 days; the earth hasn’t stopped spinning. But I do miss his FB posts 😛

      • Juli

        I apologize for my comment last week. I supposed I flew off the handle because it was Valentine’s Day. I was being judgmental and deliberately misunderstanding your reasons for going offline. I’m sorry.

  12. Kim

    I went to send you a message on FB tonight and remembered this. Hope it’s going well. I’d like to do it as well but I’m afraid if I just dropped out of sight altogether I’d be on the side of a milk carton.

  13. The Animated Woman

    Hey, I’m over here. Yes, this is a test. I want to see if it’s possible to move a conversation away from a social media channel and back to your blog. Your turf. Where it really matters.

    You better answer this or Experiment Fail.

    • Neil

      Some people combine Facebook comments and blog comments on blog. I wonder if that’s the answer.

  14. leila

    did writing this on here help you feel accountable? what books did you read?

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