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Favorite NYC Instagram Photos – Nov. 2011

November in NYC was balmy this year. I wore a t-shirt just two weeks ago, walking down Broadway. And then the tree went up in Rockefeller Center, the Christmas shoppers arrived, and winter finally arrived.  I like how the photos show a passage of time.

December is a month were we traditionally think about our plans for the upcoming year.   I have a ticket to return to Los Angeles on December 18th, which means, at least for the month of January, a return to the bright palette and frequently superficial lights of the West Coast.


  1. You know what I think of your photography, my friend. Your eye continues to astonish. Beautiful images, all.
    Varda (SquashedMom) posted Skipping

  2. Fabulous. Wow.

    You make me miss NYC. Bad. It was my very favorite layover when I worked for the airlines. Very favorite.

    You’re a lucky guy.
    Carrie posted I like them. I really, really like them.

  3. These photos are extraordinary!
    Kara posted Then The Cat Found My Ball of Yarn

  4. These are so great. You’ve captured such cool moments.
    alejna posted late-night line-up

  5. Last time you went for an extended stay in SoCal, I longed for your return, so I could see more of your instagrams of REAL people in NYC.
    unmitigated me posted This is for the Title, Right?

  6. I envy your bi-coastalism. Have a great time.

  7. You’ve got quite the knack for this street photography thing. Love the one with the cloud.
    Megan posted Pop

  8. I love your NYC photos. Love.

  9. Nice. It looks like my city. Which, of course, it ts – but you see it well.
    Magpie posted Tzedakah, Tithing, Charitable Giving – Whatever You Want To Call It

  10. wow. these photos remind me of new york city of yesteryear, especially the woman ascending the stairs, old school all around…
    anna ~ random handprints posted To My Beloved Magpie, On Your Eighth Birthday

  11. Beautiful! Your pictures makes me nostalgic for the City. Luckily, I’m done with the West Coast for now, but understand what you mean about the different colors and lights out “west!”

  12. Okay, it’s not the iPhone, it’s not the app, it’s you, you’re an amazing photographer! I hope you do the same photographic studies in L.A. (because we DO have real people here, too!).
    Danny posted Will Marilyn Finally Get an Oscar?

  13. Fabulous! You have a great eye.

    It’s never the camera, it’s the photographer. I hate when people tell me, I love photos. You have such a great camera … pff!
    kim posted O Is For MommyKnoOows – Secret Agent Josephine Book Tour, Spy Cookies Craft and Giveaway!

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