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A Week of Photos

This week was one of my most pleasurable weeks online that I’ve had in a long time.

I had fun.

I played around on Instagram, an easy-to-use photo social media app that is on my phone, taking random photos of Queens and Manhattan.   And when I say “played around,” I mean I PLAYED AROUND, focusing on the activity, not on the trappings of who, what, or where.   And I enjoyed playing around with other individuals who were having fun, not jockeying for position or pimping posts.

Instagram will eventually be ruined too, going the same way as every other social media application.   People will notice who is and who is not following them.  A marketing company will create a list of the Top 50 Instagram Moms.  A professional photographer will write a manifesto with rule #1 being:  no more photos of your lunch.

But for now, I am clueless.  I’m not a photographer.  I don’t care if you follow me or not.  I’m not even sure I will continue using this app next week.   But this week, I enjoyed seeing YOUR photos of your kids, dogs, patio chairs, and what you had for lunch.

Thanks for inviting me over!

Next week, I will return to blogging and Twitter.  Maybe my week of photography will inspire me to have fun again online.

see my recent instagram photos on Flickr


  1. Great photos! I’ve been enjoying Instagram this week too, but I’m afraid you’re correct…

    It’ll be ruined in no time.

    FYI: I’d be fascinated with what you had for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

  2. Your photos are great!

  3. Often, the best photos are those arising from the Moment, like most of yours. I have had most success as a photographer ( by simply making pictures instead of overthinking.

    Me likey.

    • Your photos are beautiful. You clearly are at home both in writing and photography. I think I was able to take some fun photos here because I didn’t try to do anything special. I wish writing was like this for me! I like being unprofessional and just winging it.

  4. 1. This makes me want to move to NYC.
    2. I’m curious about some of the stories BEHIND the pictures….

  5. I’m not a great photographer either and I don’t use any apps or fancy photoprocessing software, but I like to capture details of my days and my life, to express myself VISUALLY–in photographs and mixed media artwork. I’ve been a blogger and professional writer forever, but when I decided to delve into art, it opened a whole new world for me. Don’t be surprised if you find this is just the beginning for you. Six years ago, I decided to do one artsy thing (make some cards) and from there, everything gained momentum.

  6. Your photos speak a thousand words. They look like stories of a happy week.

  7. Loved loved LOVED your Instagram feed this week. Very colorful and enjoyable. You have a great eye. I’ve evolved as a blogger (bloggee?). I used to be ravenous for words and stories. Then the 140-characters or less seduced me. Now I’m thirsty for images. Maybe that old saying is true, after all : a picture is worth 1,000 words.

    Please keep sharing!

  8. Love this. Love your pics. And you, of course.

  9. Wondered where you were all week…..

    Writing’s not easy for you? I assumed you just tossed all those words on the page with the greatest of ease. I don’t, but I thought you did.

  10. Love them – they tell a thousand stories. Apart from that spooky doll face. Will be having nightmare about that one.

  11. You’ve got some great shots there! I like the one of half your face with the picture of a younger you (nice specs!). I enjoy seeing the image side of my wordsmith friends.

  12. Fantastic photos. The only one I find mildly disturbing is the infamous cotton-ball-in-the-mouth shot. Damn it, I wish I had an iPhone…

  13. your pictures are so intriguing. it’s obvious that you’re having fun with this.

    the best thing about instagram, so far, is that it’s contained to an app. i mean, you can view them via various plug ins, but it’s not mainly web-based. i’ve given up on other social media (twitter), because it was just too obnoxious, so my filter for the app doesn’t come through there either. i like that it’s sort of removed from all that shit.

    maybe i’m just naive…

  14. I love Instagram, too, and I love your pictures – totally something different and very interesting!

  15. Those are really some awesome photos for a non-photograph, Mr. Social Media Man.

  16. Thanks for the follow!
    I don’t believe I have any lunch photos posted (maybe a cocktail, or two), but I hope you enjoyed the rest 🙂

    LOVED your photo of the flowers in the windowsill in Queens….so lovely 🙂


  17. I agree. I’m waiting for it to be ruined. I am loving it, as it is, right now. I hope it stays that way, but eh… we’ll see.

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