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Rules of Etiquette

The rules of etiquette are important to me.
Dirty laundry, we shouldn’t see.

Always close the bathroom door.
Pick up the bathmat from the floor.

Always dress in the nicest attire.
In case you have to run out during a fire.

But when I take my pen in hand,
I give myself a new demand.

To walk the house and show it all,
Strutting down the apartment hall.



  1. I bet there are a few readers wishing you had a bigger bathroom mirror.

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of dirty laundry in the cart. No wonder you have no clothes to wear.

  3. Sometimes your way of stating things just tickles my fancy. This does for all of the right reasons, as I see no wrong ones whatsoever.

  4. I think I’m rubbing off on you.

    Oh wait … I didn’t mean that quite the way it sounds.

  5. Of course I clicked on the picture to see if it got bigger. (The picture.) Just like everyone else.

  6. I knew I’d be seeing a lot more of you this month. Little did I know…

  7. What I want to know is which came first–the photo or the poem?

  8. I can almost see your ninky-nonk,

    Sorry. I know that’s not dignified but those are the wires that get crossed when you’re reading blogs with a two year-old.

  9. What are we supposed to be looking at? The picture of the parrot hanging on the wall?

    Nice, um, parrot.

  10. I have always wondered what was this fascination for parrots Jews have, so many Yddish folk stories involving one. Twas probably such an exotic bird in the shtetl.

    Nice poem about the art of writing by the way.

  11. Vgrrrl – the photo. I was walkind down the hallway and the dirty laundry, the open barroom door, and me walking around naked made me laugh! All these metaphors.

    Shauna – the parrot was made by my aunt Ruthie. That is another post.

  12. Now Give Yourself Another Command,
    I speak to you now, Man to Man,

    Take your laundry down & get it done,
    Tho’ being Naked is lots of Fun,

    You’ll need some clothes when you go out, of That I’m sure you’ll have no Doubt,

    Let me End this, by trying to say,
    Have a Happy Labor Day!

  13. Looks eerily like the scene in Sixth Sense when they see Vincent Gray in the bathroom…Spooky. But, you’re much funnier than people who see dead people.

  14. Sadly, my days of naked blogging are over. The neighbors, the wife and the local authorities have insisted I remain covered-up for the common good.

    Found you through Maggie.

  15. I love Neil home alone posts.

  16. I love this kind of clever.

  17. dude. you’re naked there, aren’t you?!?!?!? Woot!

  18. Awesome…. Awesome awesome awesome. And HAWT!

  19. you slut! I love ya!

  20. Like Long Story Longer, I tried my best to see close up. Nice.

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