Very Vague Dispatch from L.A. – #2

Going out for breakfast does not solve the world’s problems, but it is more difficult to blame each other when the opposing sides have French toast in their mouths.

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23 Responses to Very Vague Dispatch from L.A. – #2

  1. Annika says:

    Ahem. We call it Freedom Toast now.

  2. Memarie Lane says:

    Unless your husband has committed the faux pas of dumping fruity syrup all over your french toast as mine did yesterday, in which case you’d better call a good attorney.

  3. Marinka says:

    I agree with every single commenter before me. And that never happens.

  4. sizzles says:

    Especially if it is cinnamon french toast.

  5. kenju says:

    You’re making me hungry – again!

  6. 3boys1mommy says:

    I remember watching this Ace of Cakes episode that featured a couple that fell in love over a plate of French toast. Ask Sophia how she feels about having a French toast wedding cake.

  7. Speaking of which — I finally went to Marston’s today for brunch. Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. Joe Crawford says:

    Kudos Neil. I wish you great happiness well in your personal journeys here in this new year.

    Luckily we all get lots of second chances.

  9. alejna says:

    I was trying to think up something witty to say involving maple syrup, but everything I started sounded a bit too dirty.

    So, um, yeah. I like French toast, too.

  10. If it takes french toast to get past blame, then bring on the french toast.

  11. kananifong says:

    Well, I would also opt for putting loads of syrup on said French Toast. The better to keep your mouths glued shut.

  12. anymommy says:

    It really is hard. It makes you so happy. Have breakfast together again tomorrow!

  13. anymommy says:

    Why does that sound so dirty? It is really hard to blame someone with French toast in your mouth. Eating yummy breakfast makes you so happy.

    Stilted, but better.

  14. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  15. Annie says:

    How I wish things were going better for you, but French toast will help. Yum.

  16. French toast makes everything better. Stick some bacon in there, too, and you have a perfect recipe for all sorts of reconciliations.

  17. vodkamom says:

    a toast to you………..both of you.

  18. Danny says:

    Why is everyone talking about French Toast all of a sudden? My 13-year-old nephew just started a French Toast blog And it was my last meal before I left Chicago yesterday–stuffed with marscapone….yum!

  19. I am so hoping there was syrup involved.
    (and a “When Harry Met Sally” doppleganger)

  20. Maple syrup is the glue that holds many a relationship together.

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