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How to Make Friends Online

Considering that I don’t like most of you, it is amazing that anyone reads this blog.

How To Build Strong Online Friendships in the Blogging Community.


  1. V-Grrrl

    Neil, I think YOUR strategy of sleeping your way to the top is much more interesting and would make a GREAT video.

  2. ingrid

    You *should* make a video. I’ll even send you my webcam. God knows I’m not using mine in any reasonable way.

    You also need to sit to the side and look awkwardly over your shoulder at the video camera.

    You *could* do “5 minutes for women and men who aren’t parents and who get looked at strangely when confessing that you don’t want children: how to cope with the hostility”.

    That’s one catchy title.

  3. kenju

    I think she’s right, but some people get so many comments (and emails) that it is almost impossible to visit everyone. I’m not there yet, BTW.

  4. Astrogirl

    Wait – I should be friendly? Huh. My strategy of being a raging bitch is working well so far.

    Crap! I’ve GOT to stop leaving my opinions all over the blogosphere, like so much discarded underwear.

    BTW Is there a waiting list for that video of Neil’s strategy for Building Strong Friendships? I’ll take one.

  5. All Adither


  6. Greg

    I felt a strong urge to punch everyone in that video in the face. Oh whoops–was that too negative?

  7. TMC

    Perhaps you could tell us all which of us you don’t like so we can retaliate accordingly.


  8. AnnieH

    OMG!!! I so saw these same three women in The Cougars Den last night. Except Cougar#3 is changing up the rules today. “Rule #Wh-One: Stay Away From The Lights.”
    Perhaps they should stick to that. Sorry, a little Bitter Bitch just exuded onto the screen.

  9. Hilly

    She is so right about the commenting thing. I need to find out who that girl is (the cute one in the green top) cause uh…I dig her.

  10. paintergirl

    I’m sorry, I feel like I’m a Gawker girl and I want to make some crass comment about these women.(I will never win a popularity contest) I heart you Neil, and I agree, you should make a video.

  11. blackbird

    I lasted just over a minute watching that.
    Why ARE they sitting that way? Is that nice lady’s blog called Babywearing?

    I can’t even think of a third question.
    WHY are they sitting like that?

  12. Christine


  13. Redneck Mommy

    Dude…wait. You don’t LIKE ME?


    Here I thought my flirting with you was finally wearing you down.

  14. texasholly @ June Cleaver Nirvana

    My world has ended.

  15. Peeved Michelle

    Please let me know when we are friends.

  16. natalie

    well i knew you didn’t like us. that much is quite obvious from your posting. it’s amazing how many of us will come back and try to wear you down. most of us can’t stand for people to not like us. we will succeed in getting to you. eventually we will.

  17. followthatdog

    I’m so lucky. I am too distracted to have any opinions. I can just nod and smile with the best of them.

  18. Poppy Buxom

    Yay, I get to be the bitch who doesn’t watch the video to find out whether the chick in the green top is pregnant or just has the world’s worst case of muffin top.

  19. kateanon

    I really prefer being friendless, and excuse me – you mean there’s someone out there who DOESN’T want my opinion?

  20. Rattling the Kettle

    Screw you, Neilochka!

  21. Neil

    Rattling — Thanks. At least you read and understood the post.

  22. Anissa@Hope4Peyton

    You love me, don’t try to act tough and cool in front of your friends. I know the truth.

  23. Di

    Impossible, most of us are so entirely lovable.

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