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Wine Makes Men Dream of Naked Women


  1. Two Roads

    Yep, red wine – does it everytime – although for me – I dream of naked men! Wonderful music before I go to sleep – thank you!

  2. Bre

    Also, naked women dream of red wine.

  3. Leezer

    Now I wonder what that dude would have seen had he been drinking tequila instead.

  4. V-Grrrl

    Classical music. Classical nudes.

    Of course I would have liked it better if it featured a few of Michelangelo’s nudes. Hmmm. Or a nice Bernini. Yum.

  5. Paul

    Wine just makes me snore ….
    Incidentally .. we have the same washing machine issues …but we have found that putting the water out pipe into a bowl empties it, if the bowl is lower than the machine. Its an arse ache having tp pull out the fridge and sit with the bowl, but it keeps it going til we can afford a new machine!

  6. August

    What is it with dudes dreaming of cartoon chics anyway?

  7. Finn

    Are we sure the wine wasn’t spiked with acid?

  8. sizzle

    wine stuffs up my nose. i already dream of naked women.

  9. wendy

    I loved that! In my opinion, thoses ladies featured in that pc…were much more erotic than anything you would get delivered from skin flicks…no matter what your therapist says…

    Really cool Neil..I’m feeling it!!

  10. churlita

    …Because men normally need help dreaming of naked women…

  11. NSC

    You have to be asleep to dream of naked women? My 45 minute commutes would be so much more boring if I didn’t daydream of naked women I tell ya.

  12. Di

    Ahh, interesting science. And here’s me, red wine merely makes me happy, no dreaming of nudes and my clothes stay on mostly.

    I feel so dull.

  13. Ari (Baking and Books)

    I’m very curious about this video but am afraid to watch it at work. Is it SFW or will people think I’m even more nuts if they catch me watching it? 🙂

  14. Neil

    Ari — they will think you are very cultured!

  15. Elizabeth

    How lovely to see women of substance in his wine induced dreams, and not the toothpicks we usually see.

  16. V-Grrrl

    “Women of substance.” Elizabeth, you’re my new best friend.

  17. steppingoverthejunk

    red wine makes me throw up. (oh, I have to write a post about that!)

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