Should I Hug You?


One of the bloggers I met during my trip to San Diego was Modigli.  Meeting her was particularly exciting because I’ve been interacting with her as a blogger for more than a year.  I’ve “been with her” when she lived in Cleveland, when she took a trip to Florida, when she fell in love with another blogger in San Diego, when she moved to San Diego, when she couldn’t find a job, when she took a crappy job at Starbucks, when she finally got a teaching job, etc. 

I know more about her than some of my real friends.

So, I see her for the first time as I’m getting out of my car in front of her apartment complex.  But do I feel joy?  No!   Being a neurotic person, I feel only anxiety.  Why?  Because all I could think about was, “How do I greet her?”

“Do I hug her?  And do I hug her in that fake way or give her a real hug?  Should I give her a kiss on the cheek?  Will she think I’m too forward?  Will her boyfriend get mad?  Should I just shake her hand?  Should I kiss her “French” style on both cheeks?  Will she think me unfriendly if I don’t kiss her at all?” 

Luckily she came and gave me a big hug so I didn’t have to worry anymore (until it was time to go home when the thoughts came up again).

I enjoy meeting other bloggers, but I don’t like feeling anxious.  So, please help me and tell me now AHEAD OF TIME how you would like to be greeted — in case I ever meet you in person.

Would you like me to:

1)  Hug you weakly?
2)  Hug you strongly?
3)  Kiss you once on the cheek?
4)  Kiss you on both cheeks?
5)  Kiss you on the lips?
6)  Kiss you on the lips with tongue action?
7)  Kiss you while feeling you up?
8)  Kiss you while squeezing your ass?
9)  Kiss you while grinding against you?
10) Shake your hand?

Thanks for your help. 

And remember, tomorrow is Blog Appreciation Day.   Show your love to another blogger!  If you are sending a photo to someone, and you’re not afraid of revealing your location, show the daily newspaper or something specific so the person can feel proud that his blog is being read in Memphis or London, or wherever else you might live.


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70 Responses to Should I Hug You?

  1. Hugs are always good, as are kisses on both cheeks, a la the French!

  2. Fitena says:

    I think I’deinitely be happy when we do meet! We can french kiss on both cheeks! If I like you a little bit more when we part we might hug!


    PS: I love you but no one loves meanough to lend me their digi cam! :-(

  3. Mr. Fabulous says:

    I have met three bloggers so far. One was a man and we shook hands. The two women I hugged, but I let them initiate it.

    As for for when you and I inevitably meet, I always assumed we would have sexual intercourse.

  4. kristen says:

    I’d offer my boobs for groping but they aren’t as lucscious as Sophia’s (I’m sure) and I don’t think my husband would like it much so I guess you could do the NY thing and air kiss my cheek (one or both)

  5. berrie says:

    I’ll take a number 2! and then maybe a 3! meeting is awkward ey? but fun!

  6. Tuck says:

    Just snap my raw butt with a wet towel and I will be happy to plant a big juicy on ya.

  7. Bre says:

    I’m most decidedly a hugger. shaking hands? eh.

  8. sarah says:

    I’m a notorious hugger, but ya gotta hug like you mean it, two armed.
    But, seeing as we aren’t even acquainted and i’m relatively new here; we’ll have to do the drink thing. The handshake is too formal business like.

    And whilst I don’t have my camera today, (because whilst is a fun word), you are ‘up’ in Pennsylvania today….obviously I am visiting your blog..hence my comment :)

  9. Nics says:

    I’ve only ever met one blogger before and as far as I can remember we hugged. I’ll have to check. But yeah, I think a hug would be grand! I’ll send you a pic later of my honey monster hair and the Belfast Telegraph(exciting stuff)

  10. modigli says:

    I think we did just fine, Neil! I’m all for a hug. I felt like I already knew you, afterall.

    I’m loving your blog photos. Makes ppl seem more real than just the words in their comments. Well done on that creative idea! Maybe I’ll take a picture of COTM on my computer here in SD.

  11. akaky says:

    I like film, especially Kodak’s Tri-X 400. I’m thinking of moving on to Kodachrome, though, but I havent actually shot any yet. It’s just inconvenient when everyone else can digitally appreciate blogs while I analog away waiting for the prints to come out of the soup.

  12. trouble says:

    I hug EVERYONE, and sometimes cheek kiss, but I save the french kisses for my baby.

    And meeting bloggers is just teh awesome.

  13. EEK says:

    I’m new to all of this, so I haven’t had an opportunity to meet a blogger yet, but I’d imagine it’s a little like meeting up with a friend that you used to be really close too (maybe in college or something) and haven’t seen for years.

    I think I’d go with the kiss on the cheek (not both, just one) for the greeting. It’s both unpretentious and affectionate at the same time.

    If all goes well, I’d definitely end with a big hug (especially if I’ve been drinking).

  14. Jim McKee says:

    Let’s go with any combination of 1, 2, and 10. Could also throw in a “high-five”…

  15. deannie says:

    Hugs and kisses will work for me anytime. Drinks anyone? ;)

  16. Heather says:

    wow neil, all those choices are so exciting! When can we meet????!!!

  17. Heather says:

    okay now I have read all the other comments, and i think the diplomats meeting in the hague kiss is a nice way to start off in public? Naturally, it would come after the one man wave…because that would make me laugh.

    And please none of those 90 degree angle hugs, those are so moronic.

    Then after that, anything goes–can we include some dental floss in the mix somewhere?

  18. Dating Dummy says:

    Oh, I bet you were talking about how to greet women, huh. Because otherwise, it’d be kind of awkward.

  19. Neil says:

    Dummy — having seen your abs online, I thought of grabbing your ass, too, but I didn’t want Modigli to get mad at me.

  20. Priss says:

    Lollerz, before mine you had 69 comments.

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