Yes, I am Wearing Women’s Panties!


Rachel Kramer Bussel writes a popular sex column for the Village Voice called “Lusty Lady.”  A couple of weeks ago, she wrote an article titled “F***ing and Feminism”.   In the article, Ms. Bussel criticized feminists for their ideological views on sex, one which pooh-poohs women doing anything “submissive” to men, such as giving them oral sex, getting bikini waxes, or enjoying being “spanked.”

“I may like to get spanked until I scream, but I still deserve to be treated as an intelligent human being. Submitting sexually doesn’t equal becoming a doormat outside the bedroom.”

I agree.  If a woman wants to be spanked, why not?  That doesn’t mean she can’t be a nuclear scientist or get equal pay for equal work.   Of course, if ALL she wanted to do all night was get spanked, I might wonder about some of her “personal issues,” but I would still recommend her to friends if she was a good neurologist.

What I found most interesting about the article was when Ms. Bussel talked about men’s sexuality:

“Men are also unfairly judged—as brutish horndogs selfishly out to get as much sex as they can. The truth is, they’re confused and constrained by the “macho” role too.”

She went on to talk about the desires of men that “aren’t sanctioned by popular culture,” such as wearing women’s panties, getting tied up, and other kinky stuff.  These men are frustrated, because they are afraid of opening up to their women.  What if their girlfriends/wives laugh at them?

The great irony to it all was — as I was reading this — I was wearing women’s panties.

Yes, I did just say that.   I was wearing women’s panties.

You expect complete candor and honesty when you come to Citizen of the Month, and damn it — you’re going to get it!  If you want to take me off your blogroll right now, let it be so.  I will not hide behind this facade anymore.

I will come “out” as a panty-wearing man as a public service to all men who want to express themselves in new and exciting ways.

This might come as a surprise to you, since I  normally seem pretty white bread.

“Neilochka, why WERE you wearing women’s panties?” you might ask.

Well, there is actually a story behind it.

Saturday night, Sophia and I went to a wedding.  It was a nice ceremony and romantic to see a couple so much in love.  During the ceremony, Sophia and I had a little discussion.  We decided that if we ever divorce and remarry, we’ll be each others’ best man/maid of honor.  Isn’t that cute?

The wedding had an “Italian” theme and the programs were all shaped like wine bottles.  The only glitch in the wedding was that the specialty wedding cake was decorated to look exactly like a large wheel of Italian cheese.  Unfortunately, people started slicing it up when they walked in, thinking it was an appetizer of real cheese.

Sophia and I danced for a large part of the evening.  It was a lot of fun.  We even re-danced the “first dance” from our own wedding — a swing dance to the Andrew Sisters’ Bir Mir Bis Du Shein.  Later that evening, we met a single woman who was by herself, so we invited her to dance with us.  Let me tell you — dancing with two women — that was as close to a threesome as I’m probably ever going to get!

The next day, I got up early because the radio station was calling me at 7:45 AM for my radio “interview” with Washington Post radio about Mel Gibson.  After the interview, I was wired.  I suggested to Sophia that we go have some breakfast..   She agreed.

Now, remember — Sophia and I are separated and live in two different homes.   As I started to get dressed to go out, I realized I only had my underwear from last night.  After all my dancing, I was all sweaty, and I certainly didn’t want to put on the same pair of underwear.

“Sophia, do you have any of my underwear around?”  I yelled.

“No, I think you took them all to New York.”

This was the trip we took to New York and the Berkshires several weeks back.  Which meant that most of my underwear were still in my luggage, sitting in my living room at the other apartment.

“I have no underwear!” I sobbed.

Now, in our past discussions on underwear, I learned that many of you like to go “commando,” which is an expression I had never encountered until I started blogging.   Let me just say, in the strongest terms possible, that I find going “commando” completely uncomfortable and unsafe.  God would not have created underwear if he meant man to be freely flopping all around like that — especially when there are dangerous zippers nearby, ready to snare their prey.

No, I would not go “commando.”

Instead, I went into Sophia’s underwear drawer.  I pushed aside the thongs (how do women wear those things?) and the granny underwear (hey, I’m fashionable!), and tried to find something that was as close to a male brief as possible.  My closest choice was a cotton yellow brief with red trim, and “I Love Curious George” written across the ass.  It didn’t fit perfectly; it looked like a small Speedo with Curious George’s face in front, but it would do until later.

And yes, I am still at Sophia’s right now  — and I am still wearing her panties!

I hope you realize how brave I am for telling you all this.  I hope this enables men all over the blogosphere to explore their own sexuality and not be afraid to experiment.   Men love to tell stories about getting into the panties of some woman.  But how many are confident enough to tell a story about getting into the panties of some woman — and I mean literally wearing them?!

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79 Responses to Yes, I am Wearing Women’s Panties!

  1. Laure, says:

    The other night my boyfriend wore my chunky red bracelet from Paris and I found it so sexy. You should do a calander Neil of you in Sophia’s panties.

  2. Your so called “seperation” from Sophia seems to not really be seperate, at all. Why don’t you both just face belong are mostly together most of the time, anyway….Sooooo….Why don’t you just stop all this silliness and live together once again…? That way, you could wear Sophia’s underwear any old time you please…well, it sounds like you already have that in place.(lol)

  3. Non-Highlighted Heather says:

    I was 17 the first time I saw Tim Curry step off that escalator and reveal himself to the world in all his garter belted Frankfurterness. It was at that moment that I discovered my weakness for men in women’s underwear. That, and there was such a thing as spontaneous orgasm.

  4. Rebecca says:

    You are so hot! And your panties are adorable.

  5. Jocelyn says:

    Commando is great, Neil. But NO thongs…it’s like having a permanent wedgie!!

  6. Karl says:

    Dude, nice panties.

    That’s why I always keep a spare in glove compartment. You never know when you’ll be forced to wear monkey panties.

  7. Leesa says:

    So will this be a regular thing? Are you taking donations? ;)

  8. Melissa says:

    I love wearing men’s underwear. I just got a new pair of Aussie Bums the other day. The little “y” front pair with the animation characters.

    Where did Sophia find her Curious George ones though? I’ve been looking everywhere!!!

    Btw, I’m sure your ass looked fabulous.

  9. Lord Chimmy says:

    Just don’t start wearing Sophia’s bras…unless you have man boobs.

  10. Anne says:

    Well, now I know what “commando” means. I guess we do actually learn it in cyperspace seeing as I learned it here on your blog! Enjoy Curious George!

  11. Neil says:

    Anne — finally, someone is learning something from reading this blog!

  12. party girl says:


    To pee or not to pee, that is the question.

    Personally, I only pee in the toilet. Perhaps the occassional parking lot when I’m really drunk.
    I’m holding the pee in my bladder.

  13. Are you trying to kill me?

    I almost choked on my lunch!


  14. The best way to be a liberated woman or a liberated man is to be practical.

    the blogosphere taught you commando? I think it was my university newspaper for me. That and straighten out the whole blow job as blowing air thing.

  15. Roberta says:

    I believe the term commandowas first used in this manner on an episode of Friends. (One of those rare perfect sitcom episodes, where every moment is golden — 2nd season, everyone getting ready to go to Ross’s awards dinner.)
    If I’m wrong about that being its origin, it is certainly what brought it to its popularity.

  16. Dana says:

    I dunno, Neil, I liked the mental image of you in the Ms. Neilochka panties better. But, variety is the spice of life. [Oooh, and the Ms. Neilochkahoes! I would buy the shoes, too. If I were twenty years younger and a tart.]

  17. la nadine says:

    THANK YOU!!!

    i just wrote an entire post about what penis’ would say if they could talk, and someone directed me here.

    i feel enlightened.

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  20. johnboy says:

    I don’t see why all the chatter……. I’m 58 years old and recently started wearing WOMEN’S PANTIES. I find them very comfortable, very cool, and I like the silky feel. I have discovered MANTIES of which I now a couple dozen pairs.
    the more lace, the better. I am as straight as an arrow and have no desire to be otherwise. I feel very lucky to have a wife who supports this and even helps in finding new sets so that we can have :matched panties”for certain events. Comfort is comfort….. why do women wear men’s sweat shirts, men’s socks, men’s tennis shoes, etc>

  21. fringes says:

    Holy cow…this site is blocked from me as I’m working, but there is such a thing as manties. I’ve officially lived long enough to see it all.

  22. paul says:

    Good on you for wearing panties. It really aint a big deal in the u.k. Every single Englishman in the whole world wears them. But we dont all drink tea, lets just end that vicious rumour! Cheerio.

  23. tgardiner says:

    I been wearing panties since i was 12 iv tried 2 wear men that lasted about a day im very much strait and people find it hard 2 understand this i bet any men out there 2 try it them they will. i dont do it 2 b sexy there jurt very comfurtable.

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  25. Viviem says:

    I also love wearing ladies bikini panties all the time! pink lace is my most favourite one! It makes me crazy! or you can call me as “Bikini”!

  26. steve says:

    everyone wear you panties and what ever else u want on may 1 and lets stop being secret

    MAY 1 wear you panties skits what ever

  27. Worn Underwear says:

    I was more shocked at people cutting up the wedding cake than you wearing ladies knickers!

  28. jimmy says:

    I’m 81. Been wearing pink, nylon Vaniity Fair “Grannies” since I was 13. 81-13 is 68. My God! I’ve been wearing panties for 68 years. Neil, you’re got some catching up to do.

  29. cezzy says:

    i’ve been wearing knickers for a full year now, i have over 120 pairs ranging from old regulation schoolgirl briefs, ladies full briefs, high leg, bikini & thongs. also a large collection of schoolgirl panties. i will never wear boxers ever again. theres no law out there saying us men can’t wear them, its a free country and its doing nobody any harm. i also like to do some self caning in them but would much rather a strict lady cane me instead.. any offers please feel free to e-mail me at

    cheers & have fun..

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