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Monday Maxim


Neilochka says:

There are some roads, women, and restaurants best avoided.


  1. ms. sizzle

    so true.

  2. Bill

    That’s funny. By the way, I did one of those Google “define” searches out of curiousity. Here’s the top answer, “The optimum biomass that a fisheries stock is theoretically capable of yielding without collapse.” Oy!

    (You have to spell it “oi” to get any references to Yiddish.) (Yes, I’m not at work this morning. So I’m frittering time away doing stupid Google searches.)

  3. brando

    And many are named Shari.

  4. Neil

    Brando — you know Shari, too? Or “Sharon,” as she likes to be called now.

  5. amanda

    brilliant. simply brilliant.

  6. Bad Maria

    and *artistic* projects….

  7. Megan

    I would either take out the word “women” and replace it with men, or add in “men” as a fourth thing to stay away from. Men are trouble.

  8. anne

    Clearly you’re just saying that.

  9. He's Dead, Jim!

    We Latinas like to say AY!

  10. He's Dead, Jim!

    And if I were a Latina in a pirate costume, it would be AYE!

  11. akaky

    If you were in a Pirates uniform wouldnt it be ARRGHHH!, unless you were Roberto Clemente, I suppose.

  12. akaky

    And wouldnt the road you want to avoid be Oy’s Vey?

  13. Tovah

    I love the dooced.. or neilohked. How hilarious…

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